SATB Choir

Lord God of Hosts

Anthem for SATB choir (accompaniment optional); text by Christina Rossetti; setting by J. Bruce Ashton.

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Lord God of Hosts, most Holy and most High
What made Thee tell Thy name of love to me?
What made Thee live our life? What made Thee die?
“My love of thee.”

I pitched so low, Thou so exceeding high,
What was it made Thee stoop to look at me
While flawless sons of God stood wond’ring by?
“My love of thee.”

What is there which can lift me up on high
That we may dwell together, Thou with me
When sin and death and suff’ring are gone by?
“My love of thee.”

O Lord, what is that best thing hid on high
Which makes heav’n heav’n as Thou hast promised me,
Yea, makes it Christ to live and gain to die?
“My love of thee.”
– by Christina Rossetti

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