Hark! Upon the Morning Breezes

Christmas anthem for SATB choir with optional keyboard accompaniment; text from Hymns from the Morningland, translated by John Brownlie (adapted), setting by J. Bruce Ashton.


Hark! Upon the Morning 250

Hark! upon the morning breezes,
In the darkness, ere the waking,
Music sweet the senses pleases
Soft, upon the stillness breaking;
“Glory, Glory” this the singing,
Welcome to Immanuel bringing.

Shepherds at their watch beholding
Angels clad in glistening whiteness,
Heard the wondrous news unfolding
‘Mid that dazzling scene of brightness:
“Glory, Glory!” peace, and kindness,
Light is breaking on our blindness.


Glorious morn! The sun uprising
Shone upon a world rejoicing;
God is with us, truth surprising!
List to song the message voicing:
“Glory, Glory!” ages told it,
Heavenly voices how unfold it.

God adored, our nature wearing!
Ah, such condescending meekness!
Stooping to a world despairing
Full of pity for our weakness;
“Glory, Glory!” praises swelling,
God hath made with man His dwelling.
– translated by John Brownlie

Hark! Upon the Morning Breezes (midi)

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