SATB Choir

Christ Hath a Garden

Anthem for SATB choir with piano accompaniment.  Text by Isaac Watts, setting by J. Bruce Ashton.

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Christ hath a garden walled around
A Paradise of fruitful ground,
Chosen by love and fenced by grace
From out the work’s wide wilderness

Like trees of spice his servants stand,
There planted by His mighty hand;
By Eden’s gracious streams that flow
To feed their beauty where they grow.

Awake, O wind of heav’n, and bear
Their sweetest perfume on the air:
Stir up, O south, the boughs that bloom
Till the beloved Master come:

That He may come and linger yet
Among the trees that He hath set
That He may evermore be seen
To walk amid the springing green.
– by  Isaac Watts

Christ Hath a Garden (midi)

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